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Studies and Research in Finland

Finland invests heavily in education, science and research. The educational system is highly rated on an international scale and well supported by national policy, by the Ministry of Education, and by various academic bodies to ensure program quality and equality of access.

Quality Academics and Research

A large variety of institutions are open to prospective Fulbright students, scholars, and professionals located in all regions of the country.

Superior & Unique Fields

Academic programs of unusually high attainment include:

  • IT
  • Architecture 
  • Design
  • Music

Programs of study unique to the Nordic region include: 

  • Baltic Area Studies
  • Arctic Studies
  • Societies and Cultures of the North
  • Finnish language and Finno-Ugric linguistics.


I think that many people know that Finland has a good education system, but they may not know that Finland is also a great place to study technology. Innovation and research at the university level provides many opportunities for students in science and engineering fields to get experience studying and working with new technologies. - U.S. Fulbright student grantee 2016-2017

As a doctoral researcher, I think Finland has some of the most unique data, particularly for the social sciences. The register data offers a unique opportunity to test social theories outside of the U.S. using extremely robust data. - U.S. Fulbright student grantee 2016-2017

Research in Finland

Finland maintains a high level of R&D investment. Research is coordinated through the Academy of Finland, which has created a long-term strategy of support through the establishment of Centres of Excellence (CoE).
A CoE is a research and researcher-training unit that comprises one or more high-level research teams working under a common management and sharing a common and clearly defined set of research objectives. A CoE may consist of units of research teams and researchers based at a university or research institute, or spread across several different organisations. It may also work together with a university or research institute in the private sector.

Study in Finland

Finnish higher education institutions offer over 400 programs taught in English. This means that all lectures, literature and exams are provided in English. These full degree programs offer an official Finnish higher education Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctoral Degree. Additionally, non-degree programs, which are offered by some institutions, can be taken as part of an exchange period.
English is Finland’s third, unofficial language (Finnish and Swedish both being official languages), and you can expect most Finns on- and off-campus to speak it fluently.
These links will help you find different study opportunities around Finland:

Read more about the Finnish Higher Education.

Adult Education Institutes

If you want to meet more Finns, you should look into joining a course at the many Adult Education Centers (Työväenopisto). Even students can join for a nominal fee, and there were many offerings at least in Helsinki. I joined an orchestra this way and it opened up so many fun opportunities for me - I made a lot of good Finnish friends, and was able to continue doing something I enjoyed when I was feeling homesick. -U.S. Student Grantee 2013-2014

Helsinki and the Capital City Region