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Grant programs to U.S.

The Fulbright Finland Foundation grant programs offer students, researchers, teachers, and professionals from Finland unique opportunities for studying, research, lecturing, and professional development in the U.S.

The Fulbright Finland Foundation programs support academically high-achieving students, researchers and professionals of different fields. In addition to academic skills, the grantee has to have different types of personal characteristics that are in line with the nature of the grant program. The Foundation is looking for grantees to represent Finland in the U.S. They should be able to create networks and build bridges between these two countries.

The Fulbright grantees have the potential to change the future and to advance the development of science, arts or their own professional field by collaborating internationally and creating networks. The program supports candidates whose work could have a far-reaching impact.

What Are the Benefits of the Fulbright Program?

The Fulbright Finland Foundation's grant programs offer its participants a variety of benefits in addition to the grant. The additional benefits vary between grant programs. They include, for example, orientation sessions organized in Finland before the departure, personal advice services, alumni support network, university placement service, free U.S. visa for grantees and accompanying family members, seminars and other professional and networking events in the U.S., as well as an access to the valued, worldwide Fulbright network. 

ASLA-Fulbright Graduate Grantee 2016-2017 Petra Kuivala sitting on a ladder in Cuban studies archive room reading a folder
While working in the U.S., having the status of a Fulbrighter gives you professional confidence and courage to network and build collaborative networks. This is because people have an extremely positive attitude towards Fulbrighters, and the program is highly valued. The status of a Fulbrighter opens doors and offers opportunities for you to meet leading professionals of different fields. It also provides a chance for you to be active in building these networks. With the help of this status, it’s possible to send emails, exchange thoughts and have long lunches because people want to meet you and they believe you have something to give to the local scientific community. – Petra Kuivala, ASLA-Fulbright Graduate Award 2016-2017

To join the Fulbright community, see below the different grant program opportunities and start your application!

For the grant programs to the U.S. offered by the Fulbright Finland Foundation, Finnish citizenship is required. However, the short-term travel grants to the U.S. are available for citizens of all countries living in Finland. To learn about other Fulbright grant opportunities for non-Finnish citizens, please contact the Fulbright commission in your country of citizenship or the U.S. embassy in that country. Please visit the U.S. Department of State website for country-specific information on the Fulbright program.