What Else Can I Do?

Working with the Fulbright Finland Foundation means also finding your own special way to make a unique contribution.  Maybe it’s a one-off project, maybe it’s something annual or even continuous. Every offer is valuable and important.

Here’s a sample of what we mean.

In the U.S.:

  • Host an alumni get-together in your home or other venue at your disposal, like Nancy Commins did in Denver and Joan Kluwe did in Anchorage
  • Sponsor a lunch meeting for alumni to discuss the plans and future of FoFF, like Kay Kohl did in Washington, D.C.
  • Coordinate an alumni get together at one of your academic conferences, like Marlene Broemer did at the Society for Advancement of Scandinavian Study in Minneapolis
  • Invite Finns to visit your local school
  • Make a piece of artwork like Sabra Booth (painter) and Jonathan Capps (glass art work)
  • Advocate and share the concrete impact and value of your grant with your government representatives to keep Fulbright funds at a high level
  • Encourage a colleague to apply for a Fulbright to teach and do research in Finland

In Finland:

  • Arrange a tour of a local museum, like the Ateneum in Helsinki does each year for newly arriving American grantees
  • Volunteer on a long term basis with the Foundation in Helsinki, like Suzanne Louis did
  • Provide space for Finns to meet up with Americans, like the Sibelius lukio in Helsinki does during new grantee orientation

You get the idea - it’s all possible!