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Fulbright Scholar-in-Residence

The Fulbright Scholar-in-Residence (SIR) program offers lecturers a chance to visit U.S. universities and other higher education institutions. The length of these visits is one semester or one academic year.

General information about the Scholar-in-Residence program

The SIR program is suitable for applicants who are interested in collaborating with a U.S. higher education institution. The applicant should be keen to develop and internationalize the activities that are taking place in the institution and the local community. This is done by developing teaching programs, lecturing, and participating in the activities of the local community, for example. The application for the suggested project is submitted by the U.S. host institution, which can apply for the SIR grant for a named Finnish expert. Further information on the program can be found at: https://fulbrightscholars.org/sir.

A U.S. institution hoping to get a visiting lecturer can submit their application via the Institute of International Education/Council for International Exchange of Scholars (IIE/CIES). In addition to the named request, the higher education institution can apply for a lecturer or an expert from a specific country or region. In this case, the IIE/CIES recruits lecturers for the chosen institutions together with the Fulbright programs of different countries.

The Finnish lecturers interested in the SIR program should be directly in contact with a U.S. higher education institution to launch the SIR application process.

Program benefits

  • A stipend ranging from $2,850 to $3,700 per month (depending on grant geographic location),
  • One-time allowances for materials ($250), settling-in expenses ($500 - $750), professional development ($750 -$1,125) and S-I-R supplemental allowance ($1500 - $3000) depending on grant length,
  • A monthly dependent allowance; $200 per month for one qualifying dependent and $350 per month for two or more qualifying dependents (note that qualifying dependents include spouses and unmarried children under the age of 21 who accompany the scholar for at least 80% of the time in the United States),
  • Round-trip international airfare for the S-I-R and one qualifying dependent (note that the grant must be for a full academic year and the dependent must accompany the scholar for at least 80% of the time in the United States),
  • Accident and sickness health benefits for the S-I-R (scholars must purchase J-visa compliant insurance for all accompanying dependents),
  • J-Visa sponsorship for the Scholar and accompanying spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21,
  • In addition, many host institutions offer cost-sharing benefits (a salary supplement and/or other accommodations, which vary widely according to the resources available at the institutions).
Scholar-in-Residence program is currently accepting applications from Norwegian and Finnish scholars with expertise in the Circumpolar North to University of North Dakota.

Apply by February 6, 2023!

The University of North Dakota is seeking a Finnish or Norwegian scholar to share expertise in the Circumpolar North. The visiting scholar will teach three classes, one geography class each semester and one humanities culture course covering the Barents Euro-Arctic Region.

Additional information:

If selected to the Scholar-in-Residence program, the grantee is required to attend the Pre-Departure Orientation Training for all Fulbright Finland Foundation grantees (including online materials, online meetings and an Orientation Day in Helsinki on May 16, 2023).

How to apply?

Documents which are required to be included in the application:

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Copy of a Finnish passport
  • Three letters of references on behalf of the candidate, including one from scholar’s home institution stating that the scholar will receive leave of absence if selected for the Fulbright grant


What is the Fulbright Finland Foundation?

The Fulbright Finland Foundation is a private, independent, not-for-profit organization based in Helsinki, Finland. The Foundation’s aim is

  • to promote a wider exchange of knowledge and professional talents through educational contacts between Finland and the United States, and
  • to support the internationalization of education and research in Finland, and help U.S. and Finnish institutions create linkages.

What Makes the Fulbright Finland Foundation Programs Unique?

  • In addition to the grant, the Fulbright Finland Foundation offers the grantees several additional benefits and free support services, as well as an access to a global, multi-professional network.
  • We are looking for applicants who want to impact the future and to make a difference – applicants who want to facilitate positive change, develop and advance their own profession or discipline, and find solutions to national and international challenges in their field.
  • The grantees also act as ambassadors for the Fulbright Finland Foundation, their home country, and their home organization and, in this way, do their part in sharing their home country and culture and contributing to the relations between Finland and the U.S.
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Fulbright Scholar-in-Residence program is part of the global Fulbright program operating in over 160 countries worldwide.