Mid-Career Professional Development Grant

The Mid-Career Professional Development Program (MCPD) is intended for professionals and specialists in various fields.
The application period for the academic year 2020-21 ends on September 16, 2019.

Purpose of the Grant

The aim of the grant is to allow professionals in various fields to take a sabbatical leave of four to five months from normal work duties to pursue further education or training that would enhance their professional development and the field at large. The applicants should be at a point in their careers when maximum benefit will ensue from this period of professional enrichment. The focus of the grant cannot aimed at academic research or lecturing projects.

The applicant should create a project that may include studies, practical experience in actual operations, visits to organizations in the applicant's professional field, public lectures, or other appropriate professional experiences. The applicant's project plan should include a concrete description of the planned activities during the grant period as well as the expected benefits for completing the project for the applicant and his/her professional field.


The grant is meant for professionals in all fields. However, proposals for medical research involving clinical training, patient care or patient contact are not eligible.


Applicants must arrange affiliation and include a letter of invitation from the host institution in Finland. Possible affiliations include government organizations, universities, museums, art institutions, nonprofits and private businesses, among others.


The MCPD grant is awarded for 4-5 months and it carries a monthly stipend of EUR 2,700. The grant also includes a one-time travel allowance of USD 1,800. The MCPD grantees will receive the full support services provided by the Fulbright Finland Foundation for all Fulbright grantees in Finland. In this grant category, the candidate is responsible for arranging the housing required for his/her stay.

How to Apply?

The application is made to the Institute of International Education/Council for International Exchange of Scholars (IIE/CIES) by the deadline through their online application system. Additional information and application guidelines can be found on the IIE/CIES website and Catalog of Awards. IIE/CIES pre-screens the applications in the U.S. and forwards the recommended applications to the Fulbright Finland Foundation for final selection.

Please note that July is traditionally a summer vacation month in Finland and responses to inquiries may be delayed. Applicants are advised to contact the Finnish host institution well ahead of time to solicit an invitation letter for their application.

Evaluation criteria

The final selection is made by the Fulbright Finland Foundation in Helsinki. The applications are evaluated according to the evaluation criteria set by the Fulbright Finland Foundation Board.

Read the article about U.S. Coast Guard officer William Woityra's experiences as an MCPD Grantee in Finland in 2017-2018.


American Mid-Career Professional Development Program Grantees in Finland:


Alicia Fedewa
School Psychology
Th Intersection of Physical Activity and Education: Optimizing Global Learning Through a Finnish Blueprint
University of Kentucky, KY
University of Jyväskylä
4 months, beginning January 2020


Benjamin Filene
Public History and Museum Studies
Museums, Public Memory, and Civic Life
North Carolina Museum of History, Raleigh, NC
University of Helsinki
4,5 months, beginning January 2019


Woityra, William
A Study of Icebreaking Infrastructure and Management as They Relate to Arctic Maritime Safety
U.S. Coast Guard, DC
Finnish Transport Agency, Helsinki
4 months, beginning January 2018


Beeferman, Leah
Project: Non-Measureable Objects
Independent Artist
Titanik Gallery; University of the Arts Helsinki, Academy of Fine Arts; and Sorbus Gallery
8 months, beginning October 2016


Doyle, William
Project: Global Education Forum: The Schools of Tomorrow
New York Public Library, NY
University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu
5 months, beginning August 2015


Hoddie, Matthew
International Relations
Project: Designed for Democracy: Power Sharing and Democracy in Post-Civil War States
Towson University , Towson, MD
The Finnish Institute of International Affairs
4 months, beginning February 2014

Mikulec, Erin
Project: An immersion experience in Finnish secondary teacher education
Illinois State University, Normal, IL
University of Helsinki
5 months, beginning January 2014


Kadish, Lesley
Project: Evaluating the Impact of Design and Geospatial Technologies on History Museum Audiences
Minnesota Historical Society
WeeGee Exhibition Center
5 months, beginning September 2012. Received an extension grant from February until May 2013


Helling, John
Library and Information Science
Project: Finnish National Library Policy as Model for Best Practices in the United States
Bloomfield Public Library
Helsinki City Library
5 months, fall semester

Lindquist, Thea
Library and Information Science
Project: Digital Historical Collections, Geospatial-Temporal Approaches and the Semantic Web
University of Colorado, Boulder
Aalto University
4 months, fall semester


What is the Fulbright Finland Foundation?

The Fulbright Finland Foundation is a private, independent, not-for-profit organization based in Helsinki, Finland. The Foundation’s aim is

  • to promote a wider exchange of knowledge and professional talents through educational contacts between Finland and the United States, and
  • to support the internationalization of Finnish higher education institutions.

What Makes the Fulbright Finland Foundation programs unique?

  • In addition to the grant, the Fulbright Finland Foundation offers the grantees several additional benefits and free support services, as well as an access to a global, multi-professional network.
  • We are looking for applicants who want to impact the future and to make a difference – applicants who want to facilitate positive change, develop and advance their own profession or discipline, and find solutions to national and international challenges in their field.
  • The grantees also act as ambassadors for the Fulbright Finland Foundation, their home country, and their home organization and, in this way, do their part in sharing their home country and culture and contributing to the relations between Finland and the U.S.
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Mid-Career Professional Development Grant program is part of the global Fulbright program operating in over 160 countries worldwide.