Set Up a Phone Connection

It’s important to have a working phone connection so the Fulbright Finland Foundation is able to reach you during your grant term in Finland.

If you bring a European-compatible/unlocked cell phone from the U.S., you can buy a pre-paid SIM card (i.e. DNA, Elisa) at a convenience store. If you don't have a European-compatible phone, get a cheap (or second-hand) one and buy a pre-paid SIM card. We recommend pre-paid phone plans due to their simplicity and great coverage.

If you have a locked phone (through a provider in the States i.e. Verizon, A&T) check with the provider if you are able to add another SIM card to the phone. If yes, you can get a pre-paid SIM card. You can still use your U.S. phone and all of the apps via Wi-Fi. You can also  Examples of popular communication apps in addition to Social Media platforms are Whatsapp, Signal, Google Fi, Google Voice, Number Barn, TextNow, GroupMe, etc.

Alumni recommend that you do not get rid of your U.S. number during your grant term. Your U.S. number might be needed when dealing with your bank etc. services in the U.S. while on your Fulbright in Finland.

Pre-paid SIM Cards

Pre-paid start-up kits are available at convenience stores across the country (R-Kioski is one popular chain). The start-up kits range in price from 5 to 20 euros and include a Finnish phone number and, depending on the price, approximately 5-10 euros in credit. Additional credit may be purchased at convenience stores or at some ATMs. You can start using your new phone number immediately, along with text, voice mail, and data services. You need to remember that the prepaid kits do not work outside Finland.

Buying a phone in Finland

Some grantees purchase a cell phone in Finland. The cheaper models may not come with an Internet connection or other fancy features, but they have all the functions you need to make ordinary local and international phone calls and text messaging. You might want to look into buying an unlocked phone from the U.S. as the might be cheaper than in Finland.

International Phone Calls

When making an international phone call (e.g. calling from a Finnish number to a U.S. number) you must use an area code in front of the number. The area code for Finland is +358 and you then drop the first 0 from the phone number. Area code for the U.S. is +1. Each country has their on area code and the codes can be checked from Country Codes, Phone Codes, Dialing Codes, Telephone Codes, ISO Country Codes