Undergraduate grantee Richard Söderlund with skyscrapers in the back

Grants for Undergraduate Studies

The Fulbright Finland Foundation offers different types of grant programs for bachelor-level students to the U.S. The programs are meant for students who have not yet completed a higher education degree.

The available grant programs:

The Fulbright Finland Undergraduate Grant

  • For one semester/academic year
  • Exchange studies
  • Free mover studies
  • Degree studies (for the first year)

The selection process and the interview of the Fulbright Finland Undergraduate Grant
These guidelines are approved by the Fulbright Finland Foundation Board and they are also applied to the Fulbright Finland Undergraduate Grant Program. In the interview, the main focus is on studies instead of research.

The Fulbright Finland Partnership Award with Vanderbilt University

  • For bachelor’s degree studies

Study of the U.S. Institutes for Student Leaders from Europe

  • Five-week intensive academic summer programs for 18-25-year-old students doing a bachelor’s degree

The purpose of the Fulbright Finland Foundation is to advance the exchange of knowledge and professional know-how between Finland and the U.S. with the help of educational connections. Fulbright Finland advances collaboration and mobility specifically in the field of higher education with grants meant for e.g. students, researchers, and professionals.