Towards Sustainable Arctic Futures study tour participants in front of Aurora Winter Train from Anchorage to Healy, Alaska

Towards Sustainable Arctic Futures

Fulbright Finland Foundation organized the 8th expert study tour to the United States under the theme “Towards Sustainable Arctic Futures.” The program took place in Alaska and coincided with the transfer of the Arctic Council Chairmanship from the U.S. to Finland.

Background and Purpose

In conjunction with the 10th Arctic Council Ministerial Meeting in Fairbanks, Alaska, the United States handed over the chairmanship of the Arctic Council to Finland on May 11, 2017. To kick off Finland’s Chairmanship in the spirit of collaboration and partnerships, the Fulbright Finland Foundation brought a ten-member multidisciplinary expert delegation on a study tour from Finland to Alaska for the week of the interchange. The tour addressed the Foundation’s key strategic priority area, the Artic, as well as the Foundation’s fundamental purpose of promoting a wider exchange of knowledge and professional talents through educational and scholarly contacts between Finland and the United States.

This study tour took our delegation from Anchorage to Healy, to Denali National Park and finally to Fairbanks.

Download the Study Tour program booklet (PDF)

Photos from the Study Tour

Aurora Winter Train in a middle of wilderness of Alaska

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Article about the Study Tour

Read an article about the Study Tour in the Fulbright Finland News magazine. 

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The group led by Fulbright Finland included representatives from the Thule Institute of the University of Oulu, University of Eastern Finland, Turku University of Applied Sciences, Finnish Meteorological Institute, Aalto University and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland.

Download List of Delegation Members and CVs


Objectives of the Study Tour

  • to explore areas of common concern in the Arctic environment under the pressure of climate change and global economic demands for natural resources
  • to create an opportunity for Finnish and American experts and leaders in Arctic issues to share best practices to pave the road towards sustainable Arctic futures
  • to form a tight group of study tour alumni to make the most of Finland’s Arctic Council Chairmanship, and to get a jump start on, and visibility for introducing best practices in Arctic know-how to audiences in Finland and beyond


What to Expect

  • Excitement in Fairbanks when Finland takes over the Arctic Council Chairmanship!
  • Opportunities to showcase Finnish research and innovative projects with audience around the Arctic countries!
  • Networking and sharing of best practices with experts!
  • New information on arctic priorities, innovations and research!
  • Exploration of nature conservation at Denali Park!


Overview of the Costs and Logistical Arrangements

Estimated Study Tour costs per person was approximately 3 500 EUR in addition to flights (with arrival to Anchorage and departure from Fairbanks).

The sum included the following program related costs in the U.S.: accommodation, local ground transportation (including Aurora Winter Train to Healy), visit to Denali National Park, selected meals and coffees, meeting room and material costs, and all organizing costs related to the Study Tour program.

In addition, participants or their home organizations were responsible for paying and arranging flights, per diem (if applicable), taxi from the airport to the hotel upon arrival and from the hotel to the airport for departure, as well as travel insurance with proper coverage for travel in the U.S.

During Fulbright Study Tours, the actual participation costs depended on the number of participants (shared costs were divided among participants), site visits included in the final program (transportation, potential seminar or speaker fees and other costs related to the selected site-visits), and the exchange rate. Closer estimate of the participation cost was shared with the participants once the number of Study Tour participants was confirmed and the program finalized.

Except for the registration fee for signing up, Fulbright Finland Foundation payed the participation costs on behalf of the participants up front, and billed the participants after the trip according to the actual costs. 


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