Public Holidays and Flag Days

The Finnish holiday calendar is slightly different than in the United States. This can be seen especially around Christmas and New Year, where there may be two three-day holiday sequences. Around Easter, there is a long weekend with Friday and Monday as holidays.

Please note that public holidays may affect public transportation. In addition public service offices, banks and post offices will be closed.

Read more about the public holidays in Finland.

Public Holidays and Flag Days

New Year / Uuden vuoden aatto

December 31

New Year’s day / Uudenvuodenpäivä

January 1

Epiphany / Loppiainen

January 6

J.L. Runeberg Day / (National Flag Day)


Kalevala Day, Day of Finnish Culture (National Flag Day)

February 28

Shrove Tuesday (Mardi Gras) / Laskiaistiistai


Minna Canth’s Day, Day of Equality (National Flag Day)

March 19

Palm Sunday/ Palmusunnuntai


Easter / Pääsiäinen

  • Good Friday / Pitkäperjantai
  • Easter Sunday / 1. Pääsiäispäivä
  • Easter Monday / 2. Pääsiäispäivä


Mikael Agricola Day, Day of Finnish Language (National Flag Day)

April 9

National Veterans’ Day (National Flag Day)

April 27

May Day / Vappuaatto 1st of May, Finnish Labour Day / Vapunpäivä (National Flag Day)

April 30, May 1

Ascension Day / Helatorstai


Mother’s Day (National Flag Day)

Second Sunday in May

Europe Day (National Flag Day)

May 9

J.V. Snellman Day, Day of Finnish Heritage (National Flag Day)

May 12

Whitsunday / Helluntaipäivä


Remembrance Day


Flag Day of Defence Forces

June 4

Midsummer / Juhannus

  • Midsummer's Eve
  • Midsummer Day, Day of the Finnish Flag (National Flag Day)


Eino Leino Day, Celebration of Poetry and Summer (National Flag Day)

July 6

Aleksis Kivi Day, Day of Finnish Literature (National Flag Day)

October 10

United Nations Day (National Flag Day)

October 24

All Saints’ Day / Pyhäinpäivä


Svenska Dagen, Day of the Swedish Identity (National Flag Day)

November 6

Father’s Day / Isänpäivä (National Flag Day)

Second Sunday in November

Finnish Independence Day / Itsenäisyyspäivä

December 6

Saint Lucy’s Day / Lucian päivä

December 13

Christmas / Joulu

  • Christmas Eve / Jouluaatto
  • Christmas Day / Joulupäivä
  • Boxing Day / Tapaninpäivä

December 24-26