Group of U.S. Fulbright Finland grantees standing on stairs


"Financial donations to the Fulbright Finland Foundation are investments in not only the positive future of our two countries, but also towards a global dialogue leading to understanding and justice between all nations, people, and cultures." - David Yoken, 1991 Fulbright Senior Specialist
Donating to the Fulbright Finland Foundation creates a direct and lasting impact by enabling additional scholarships and raising awareness about the grantees' global impact.

Your donation can be of any size – big or small. Every gift makes a difference and contributes to Fulbright Finland Foundation’s future of supporting international exchange, mutual understanding and cutting-edge research! With your help, we can continue to bring together the best scientists, academics, educators, artists, professionals, and future leaders in our countries – empowering the minds that will find global solutions to tomorrow’s challenges.

Together shaping the future, we will create significantly more grant opportunities, attract more talent, develop new institutional commitments and partnerships, and establish an even stronger foundation through substantive public-private partnerships.

“My involvement as a Fulbright Finland grantee was the most rewarding experience of my career—of my life really! The benefits are countless, I have been impacted both professionally and personally. Due to the support I have gained in Finland, my Fulbright project will thrive well past my program dates.” - Samuel Joel Northern, 2017-18 Fulbright Distinguished Award in Teaching

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