Governance and Funding of U.S. Higher Education

At the request of the Universities Finland (UNIFI), the Fulbright Center organized a Study Tour for the Finnish University Presidents to the United States between March 28 and April 1, 2011 on the theme of Governance and Funding of U.S. Higher Education.

March 28th - April 1st, 2011
North Carolina

2011 Study Tour

Delegation of Finnish University Presidents searched for best-practices in governance and funding of U.S. higher education. Specifically, participants visited institutions in North Carolina to discuss about financial and leadership structures, strategic planning and decision-making processes and the management and governance of the universities. The group learned about the American system from expert speakers and through direct observation at private and public universities. The seminar focused on comparing U.S. and Finnish strategies of university governance and funding and identifying possible applications of the American practice to the Finnish system. There were 14 members in the delegation.

 Read the Study Tour report (in Finnish, PDF).


Participants travelled to North Carolina for a five-day higher education leadership seminar. The program consisted of a day-long introductory workshop, five site visits to public and private universities in North Carolina, and two debriefing meetings.

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