Blog Instructions for Fulbright Finland Grantees and Alumni

Thank you for writing a post for the Fulbright Finland Foundation’s blog! Sharing your experiences will help future Fulbrighters to prepare for their grant term and spread the word about the impact of your projects, valuable experiences and the Fulbright Finland Foundation.

Things to Consider

Think about the audience of your blog post. You can choose your audience: you might talk about your experiences as a graduate student, in which case your blog should be written for graduate students.

  • Word count: approximately 400-700
    • the text will be published online so keep the paragraphs short, approximately 3-5 sentences per paragraph
    • If the text is over 500 words long, please consider submitting at least one horizontal photo to be included in the text
  • Come up with a catchy title for the blog, lead, include subheadings, a suggestion for highlighted quote
  • Make your story specific. Don't just make a list of all the activities / adventures / events you were involved with as a Fulbright Finland grantee: pick one and write about why it matters.
Instructional screen shot of a blog with arrows pointing to the title, photo, lead and short paragraphs
An example of a blog post, you can find more of them under "About Us" and "Blog" or on the front page of the website.
  • Send us 1-3 photos (preferably horizontal) and short captions
    • Minimum dimensions for the main photo are 1920x690 pixels. 
    • If the photo features other people, make sure you have permission to use the photo!
    • Send us the name of the photographer if applicable
  • Remember to mention your Fulbright Finland grant. You will find the correct name on your grant certificate or on the grantee list.
  • Send a short bio to be included at the end of the blog post, see below for an example:
Screen shot of a blog bio
  • If you write your own blog, you can add a link to it in your text.

Here are some examples of themes you can write about. Feel free to suggest your own ideas!

  • Why did you apply for a Fulbright Finland grant? What are your expectations for the grant term?
  • Studying/doing research/professional development project in the U.S. / in Finland.
  • Academic life on a U.S. campus.
  • Lessons from K-12 Education in the U.S. (teachers)
  • Write about your Fulbright project. Share the impact of the work you are doing. Explain your work to a wider audience, who might not be experts in your field. Describe what you are doing specifically in the U.S. or Finland/why it was important for you to go to the U.S./Finland to work on your research/why you wanted to study in the U.S./Finland
  • If you attended a Fulbright enrichment seminar, gateway orientation, or pre-academic program, you can write about the benefits of the experience.
  • Share everyday life as a Fulbrighter (going to the store, navigating cultural moments, learning work life culture, parenting in a different country).
  • Describe the benefits of having the Fulbright status e.g. does your host institution have activities for Fulbright grantees?
  • Reflect on the cultural exchange and importance of transatlantic cooperation.
  • Share how your Fulbright Finland experience has shaped and/or impacted your career trajectory. 
  • Reflect on elements of the culture that you learned to value during your Fulbright Finland grant period and brought back to your home country. 
  • How does your Fulbright project embody Fulbright Finland’s brand promise, Together Shaping the Future?