Fulbright Speaker Program

Through the Fulbright Speaker Program schools, organizations and institutions all around the country have the opportunity to invite American grantees to give talks on specific research topics or more general American themes.

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Photo: U.S. Fulbright grantee Molly Schwartz engaged students to talk about “What is it like to be a teenager in the U.S.” during a visit to Helsingin yhteislyseo high school

At the same time, grantees can give back to the Finnish community and contribute to the internationalization of Finnish education by providing intercultural interaction for students and in many cases also insight into the subject matter being studied. The Fulbright Speaker Program also gives American grantees a chance to learn about the world famous Finnish education system and schools while meeting teachers who are genuinely excited to learn about the grantees and have them in their classroom.

The Fulbright Speaker Program is expected to facilitate a large number of speaking engagements throughout the year and directly reach hundreds of young Finns in all parts of the country.

Through the Fulbright Speaker Program, Fulbright Finland Foundation and the Lapland University of Applied Sciences also provide interested grantees opportunities to lecture at the annual “Summer School on Arctic Cooperation and Cross-Border Expertise.”

Every year Fulbright Finland Foundation brings over 40 American professors, graduates students, teachers and professionals to Finland. Find out more about the current Fulbright Finland grantees by reading the CV catalogue.

Take advantage of all possibilities that are offered to Fulbrighters. I was able to speak to a local high school and it has been one of the best experiences so far. Your Fulbright experience is not limited to just teaching or doing your research.
- U.S. Student Grantee 2014-2015


Funded Speaker Program Visit

To support all the interested Finnish schools and organizations in their internationalization efforts, Fulbright Finland Foundation provides special funding for the Fulbright Speaker Program.

In order for the Fulbright Speaker Program request to be considered for funding, the following conditions must be met: 

  • Suitable Fulbright speakers are not available close to the host institution
  • Costs of the Fulbright Speaker program would be too high for the host institution
  • impact of the visit would be great in terms of: fewer opportunities for international exposure at the host organization, number of the participants reached during the Speaker program, local or national visibility for the Speaker Program, type of the audience (e.g. educators with a large multiplier effect)
  • Host organization agrees to write a highlight/impact statement about the visit with photos included for reporting purposes.

The Fulbright Finland Foundation will purchase the train, flight or bus tickets for the grantee directly, after the host and the grantee have agreed on and provided the visit details to the Speaker Program coordinator.


I had an absolutely fascinating session in Kitee today with hundreds of students and teachers. Amazing experience and brilliant questions. The Fulbright experience continues to exceed my expectations, which were stratospheric to begin with!

William Doyle, Mid-Career Professional Development grant to University of Eastern Finland, Joensuu, 2015. Photo: Fulbright Speaker Program at Kiteen lukio, September 24, 2015.

Photographer: Niilo Hirvonen, Kiteen lukio

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