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Mitchell Donovan

Amerikkalainen ihastui Suomeen

Amerikkalainen ihastui Suomeen

Assessing the role of agriculture on erosion and the impact on water quality in SW Finland 

University of Turku

Fulbright U.S. Student Program: Fulbright- CIMO Grantee 2014-2015

Finland invests heavily in education, science and research. The educational system is highly rated on an international scale and well supported by national policy, by the Ministry of Education, and by various academic bodies to insure program quality and equality of access.

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I think that many people know that Finland has a good education system, but they may not know that Finland is also a great place to study technology. Innovation and research at the university level provides many opportunities for students in science and engineering fields to get experience studying and working with new technologies.
U.S. Fulbright student grantee 2016-2017

As a doctoral researcher, I think Finland has some of the most unique data, particularly for the social sciences. The register data offers a unique opportunity to test social theories outside of the U.S. using extremely robust data.
U.S. Fulbright student grantee 2016-2017