Fulbright-University of Vaasa Scholar Award

The Fulbright-University of Vaasa Scholar Award offers U.S. Scholars the opportunity to conduct research, or conduct research and teach at the University of Vaasa for a period of 3-12 months.

The University of Vaasa

“Business and technology driven University of Vaasa educates responsible leaders and experts for the needs of the future”, says Rector Jari Kuusisto. ”Our research produces solutions that matter and that match the global challenges. Focus areas are management and change, energy and sustainable development, and finance and economic decision-making. Our 5,400 students and 500 employees thrive in the most beautiful campus in Finland.”


Any field represented at the University of Vaasa. The University of Vaasa is renewing itself and is making significant investments in the development of its research and operations. As of January 2018, the renewal has been strengthened by four academic schools:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Management
  • Marketing and Communication
  • Technology and Innovations

School-specific research is complemented by the phenomenon-based research platforms:

  • Vaasa Energy Business Innovation Centre VEBIC addresses challenges in the areas of efficient energy generation, distribution and consumption, as well as energy business operations and sustainable societal development.
  • Digital Economy focuses on interdisciplinary research on digital technologies and their impact on individuals, organizations and the society.
  • InnoLab focuses on open and user innovation, entrepreneurship, and public sector innovation and renewal. Innolab also encourages the application of citizen science, open science and design thinking.

Description of Activities

The grant is intended for conducting high quality research, but also some lecturing at graduate or doctoral level during the visit is welcomed. The grant is available for a period of 3–12 months, and can be awarded for any field represented by the four schools or the three multidisciplinary research platforms. Applicants are encouraged to contact the host schools to plan the position activities.


The grant is 4000 EUR per month. The Scholar will also be provided with a travel allowance (1,800 USD). The University will provide and cover the cost of housing for the Scholar during the grant period. Depending on the arrival time the Scholar will also be eligible, free of charge, to participate in a Fulbright Finland pre-approved summer school in Finland. The summer school consists of courses on Finnish language, culture and society, pending availability of suitable programs. In addition, the Scholar will be able to take benefit from orientation and support services offered by the University of Vaasa and Fulbright Finland.


A candidate for the Fulbright-University of Vaasa Scholar Award must hold a Ph.D. degree and should have several years of research and teaching experience in his/her field. The candidate must be a U.S. citizen.

Working with us

The University of Vaasa prides itself with a good atmosphere and strong community spirit. “Our size is one of our assets: we work in a tight-knit community, where we support and encourage each other. The University of Vaasa recognizes the importance of well-being and community spirit among personnel as a contributing factor to its success.”

An excellent working environment for research                           

The University of Vaasa has been awarded the HR Excellence in Research logo in recognition of its development work and commitment to the European Commission's principles regarding the recruitment of researchers and safeguarding good working conditions. “By endorsing the principles, we also contribute to the development of the European researcher area (ERA) and an open labor market for researchers.”

International working culture

The University of Vaasa embraces diversity and promotes equal opportunities for all staff members. More than 25 % of its Research and Teaching staff come from outside of Finland. “You will notice this as soon as you set foot on campus. Our students, researchers and other staff members represent more than 80 different nationalities.”

“The most beautiful campus in Finland”

The Fulbright-University of Vaasa Scholar will work on a beautiful campus on the coast, right next to the city center. The grounds of the campus area contain a historic red-brick cotton factory and light, airy new buildings, with windows looking out over a beautiful marine landscape.

The campus is also home to several other institutes of higher education. The Palosaari campus employs a total of 900 people, and there are 10,000 students.

The Vaasa region

Vaasa is a coastal city with almost 70,000 inhabitants and enjoys a position at the forefront of flourishing urban regions. Vaasa has the leading energy technology cluster in the Nordic countries with several global market leaders, and employing 11,000 persons in energy sector.

Life in Vaasa is hassle-free. Commutes are short, and one does not waste one’s time sitting in traffic jams. One can cycle or take the bus. Vaasa is a compact city, so cycling routes are short.

Vaasa has good transport links: Helsinki is three hours by train from Vaasa, and flights operate to the capital and further afield. There is also a ferry service to Umeå. Nature is close at hand, whether one lives right in the center of the city or nearby.

“Perhaps one reason Vaasa's residents are so happy is that life here is easy and high in quality. The Vaasa region has a lot to offer, whether you value the urban hustle and bustle or a life in touch with nature.”


The U.S. program partner in the Fulbright Scholar Program is the IIE/CIES (Institute of International Education/Council for International Exchange of Scholars). Applications are submitted through IIE/CIES. Additional information and detailed application instructions are available from IIE/CIES website.

The application period for the academic year 2020-2021 ends on September 16, 2019.

Resources for Hosts

Assistance and Additional Information

NOTE: July is traditionally a summer vacation month in Finland and responses to inquiries may be delayed. Applicants are advised to contact the Finnish host institution well ahead of time to solicit an invitation letter for their application.

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University of Vaasa

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Fulbright Finland Foundation

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