Fulbright-EDUFI grantee Steffaney Wood doing her research

Pursuing Research In Finland (Research Student)

Fulbright U.S. student grantee can conduct research in Finland

You can be registered in a U.S. university doctoral program and conduct part of your dissertation research in Finland. The research done in Finland can also be part of your home country Master’s degree. It is also possible to undertake an independent research project, which will not be counted towards any degree.

Please pass on the Information on the Fulbright U.S. Student Program handout for your university contact person when beginning to arrange an affiliation.

Research plan

If you are planning to conduct research in Finland, write a comprehensive research plan stating your (monthly) research schedule in Finland and attach it to your Fulbright application.

Invitation letter

A candidate who wishes to conduct research in Finland has the responsibility of contacting a possible host organization, agreeing on the visiting period and terms and requesting a letter of invitation. Be prepared to explain clearly to the prospective host your research plans and possible benefits of your visit for the host. Explain this also in your Fulbright application. The host can be a Finnish higher education institution or other applicable organization.

Include the letter of invitation with your Fulbright application.

The handout of the program for the prospective host includes detailed information on required invitation letter content. Please refer to that website when advising your host in writing the invitation letter.

NOTE: Candidate wishing to take courses at a university as a non-degree student, in addition, to conducting research must often submit an application to the university by certain deadline. Please see further information on this process at Taking courses in a Finnish university section and provide information in your Fulbright on the university application schedule if an application is required from you.  

Student benefits

It is important to notice that if the candidate’s host is not a higher education institution and the candidate would not be registered in such institution, he/she would not be eligible for the student benefits and might not get a student housing.

Student benefits for Bachelor’s and Master’s level students include considerable discounts on buses, trains and campus cafeterias. If you are registered as a doctoral student in a Finnish university, your student benefits will be very limited. Check with your host university international office your rights for different benefits before your arrival to Finland.