15 June 2023

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Cover and two articles from the June issue of the Fulbright Finland News magazine. Decorative photo.

Strength Through Cooperation

Our visiting columnist, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Lee Satterfield writes about the Fulbright Finland Foundation as "the primary interface for our two governments’ bilateral work in education, science, and culture”. Read her column U.S.-Finnish Fulbright Partnership Grows Stronger.

The Alumni in Focus series features YLE’s Chief U.S. Correspondent Iida Tikka, who talks about her Fulbright journey from Moscow to Washington D.C., her belief in journalism’s role in upholding truth and democracy, and her own personal perspective on the U.S. through both Fulbright and family. Read Iida’s interview A Responsibility to Tell the Truth.

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Read the Fulbright Finland News magazine 1/2023 online.