The three FLGS travel grantees with U.S. representatives

Fulbright Leaders for Global Schools Travel Grants to the U.S.

The program takes Finnish school administrators to the U.S. for an intensive four-day program to expand their knowledge about educational leadership and network with international colleagues.
Note: Application period has closed.

Purpose of the Travel Grants

The Fulbright Leaders for Global Schools Travel Grants are short-term travel grants for primary and secondary level school leaders from Finland to travel to the United States for a professional development opportunity and international collaboration during the ASCD Conference on Educational Leadership in November 2019.   

Fulbright Leaders for Global Schools Travel Grants in the U.S. will consist of an opportunity to visit a U.S. school, professional development and networking opportunities, and possible group presentation (to be confirmed) at the ASCD Conference on Educational Leadership in National Harbor, Maryland. 


The Fulbright Leaders for Global Schools Travel Grant provides:

  • Accommodation (4 nights) during the ASCD conference, November 6-10, 2019
  • ASCD Conference participation for the program that is included in the standard registration fee, November 8-10, 2019
  • Stipend towards airfare and local transportation in the U.S. and Finland in the amount of 1500 USD
    Note: Participants are responsible for purchasing their own flights with the arrival in the U.S. at the latest on November 6, 2019.
  • Pre-departure orientation meeting at the Fulbright Finland Foundation

Costs for the participants (or their employer)

  • Participants will be responsible for securing funding for, or covering meals and incidentals on their own. 
  • Participants need to have or obtain a valid passport and ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) if selected for the program
  • Participants are responsible for sufficient insurance for the duration of the program
  • Applicants and participants are responsible for the costs related to attending a personal interview in Helsinki
Check out Fulbright Finland News 1/2019 for an article about the inaugural cohort of the U.S. Fulbright Leaders for Global Schools and their 10-day program in Finland to learn about best educational practices to enhance student learning and develop 21st century skills.


  • Five or more years of experience working as a school administrator (principal or assistant principal) at the primary or secondary school level
  • Full-time employment as an administrator in Finland
  • Master's degree
  • Finnish Citizenship
  • Demonstrated leadership in education innovation
  • Commitment to working in school administration after completing the program
  • Ability to travel for the entirety of the program
  • Good English skills

The U.S. Department of State and the Fulbright Finland Foundation do not discriminate against grant applicants because of race, color, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, or any other protected characteristic as established by U.S. law. This program promotes diversity in education. It supports inclusion and strongly encourages applicants with disabilities to apply.

Fulbright Leaders for Global Schools Program Participants to Finland will be presenting at the ASCD Conference on Educational Leadership: Educating the Head, the Heart, and the Hands: Lessons learned by the 2019 Cohort of the Fulbright Leaders for Global Schools

How to Apply?

Please send the completed application form as well as the required supplements to the Fulbright Finland Foundation, [email protected], in one file by Wednesday, August 7, 2019.

Please note that all the documents attached to your application need to be converted to a basic PDF file (no advanced file formats such as PDF Portfolios).

Required supplements:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Completed and signed check list
  • Letter of recommendation
    • In addition to evaluating your professional work, the recommendation should describe the suitability of the applicant for the role of being an agent and ambassador of his/her host institution, Finland, and the Fulbright Finland Foundation.

The recommendation can be, for example, from your home municipality education department, regional education authority, person from your home institution who knows you and your work, or other as appropriate.


You will receive an email from the Fulbright Finland Foundation if your application has passed an initial screening and you have been selected for an interview. At the very latest you will be notified of this a week before the date of your interview. Please note that the Fulbright Finland Foundation does not cover expenses resulting from the interview. A copy of your passport will be requested prior to the interviews.

The interviews are compulsory and will take place at the office of the Fulbright Finland Foundation in Helsinki on August 30, 2019. Read more about the selection process and preparing for the interview here.



Application period starts June, 2019
Application period ends August 7, 2019
Interview invitations are sent to the selected candidates August 23, 2019
Interviews are conducted August 30, 2019
Selections are made and applicants are notified September, 2019
Compulsory Fulbright Finland Pre-Departure Orientation for the selected grantees going to the U.S. September 20, 2019
Cohort arrives in the U.S. November 6, 2019


Read more about the experience of a 2019 U.S. FLGS participant to Finland Vanessa Jones from her blog.

Program Partner

The Fulbright Leaders for Global Schools Program is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State with funding provided by the U.S. Government. The program is administered by the Fulbright Finland Foundation.

The Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) of the U.S. Department of State fosters mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries around the world. ECA strives to achieve this goal through a wide range of international exchanges as authorized by the Mutual Educational and Cultural Exchange Act of 1961, as amended. ECA works in close cooperation with U.S. Embassies and bilateral Fulbright Commissions overseas to promote personal, professional, and institutional ties between private citizens and organizations in the United States and abroad.

Logos on the Fulbright Finland Foundation and U.S.  Department of State


What is the Fulbright Finland Foundation?

The Fulbright Finland Foundation is a private, independent, not-for-profit organization based in Helsinki, Finland. The Foundation’s aim is

  • to promote a wider exchange of knowledge and professional talents through educational contacts between Finland and the United States, and
  • to support the internationalization of Finnish higher education institutions.

What Makes the Fulbright Finland Foundation programs unique?

  • In addition to the grant, the Fulbright Finland Foundation offers the grantees several additional benefits and free support services, as well as an access to a global, multi-professional network.
  • We are looking for applicants who want to impact the future and to make a difference – applicants who want to facilitate positive change, develop and advance their own profession or discipline, and find solutions to national and international challenges in their field.
  • The grantees also act as ambassadors for the Fulbright Finland Foundation, their home country, and their home organization and, in this way, do their part in sharing their home country and culture and contributing to the relations between Finland and the U.S.